Low memory footprint and high-performance rendering allow you to display any alignment in the blink of an eye. For your fast user experience a minified, gzipped version is deployed to a CDN.


Just link to our CDN file. For your convenience, the MSAViewer has prebuilt support for different file formats like FASTA or CLUSTAL.


Whether it is just a custom color scheme or a totally different view port. The MSAViewer was designed to be easily adaptable to your use case.


Hand-crafted with love from around the globe. To fit your taste we ship a plethora of predefined color schemes.

pure Javascript

Using state-of-the-art technologies everything runs in the browser - you don't need to worry about a backend.

well tested

We don't want to break your website. CI tests are run on every commit.

easy to develop

Technologies like CoffeeScript or SASS make it easy to overview and understand the codebase.

open source

Sponsored by Google's open source program the whole codebase is available freely on github for personal and commerical use. Pull requests are welcome.

BioJS 2.0 compliant

You can combine the MSAViewer with any other BioJS 2.0 compliant web component.


Enjoy this short presentation.


Just include this JS file


(more info on github)

About the project

Multiple Sequence Alignment Viewer

MSAs help researchers to discover novel differences (or matching patterns) that appear in many sequences. The MSAViewer is a modular, reusable component to visualize large MSAs interactively on the web.

The team

This component wouldn't have been possible without these awesome people.

This project is a subproject of BioJS and started in the GSoC 2014.

How to cite

If you use the MSAViewer in your work, please cite this publication:

Yachdav, Guy, Sebastian Wilzbach, Benedikt Rauscher, Robert Sheridan, Ian Sillitoe, James Procter, Suzanna E. Lewis, Burkhard Rost, and Tatyana Goldberg. "MSAViewer: interactive JavaScript visualization of multiple sequence alignments." Bioinformatics (2016): btw474.